Saturday, June 30, 2012

I buy way too much food!

I was very careful at the Farmer's Market this morning because I still had stuff from last week!  The peas are still in the fridge and I have a few mixed greens left.  I finished up the tomatoes in the salsa I made for the fish tacos last nigh...which I thought were fabulous, someone else was a little cranky because they are messy.  We won't mention who.

Heller's was out of strawberries by the time I got there, but they did have these fabulous looking bite-sized plums that I scooped up, along with more yellow tomatoes.  And of course I grabbed some of the edible violets from the wonderful lady on the end, whose name I can never remember.  She is the same person I buy my honey and vinegar from.  And she even commented on my weight loss.  With all the people she encounters, I was flattered that I had made enough of an impression that she remembered the way I was and now how I am.  Of course I grabbed some milk-I think Army is hooked on it-from the milk ladies.

Since I still have peas, tomorrow I am preparing some Risotto with fresh Peas.  To go with this wonderful, flavorful delight, I picked up some thick cut pork chops, olives, and Stilton cheese with brandy and apricots...a stuffing waiting to happen.  I forgot, I also have zucchini from last week so that will be the side, sauteed zucchini.  Dessert is wonderful.  I have two Madeline pans that I have NEVER used.  So tomorrow I will- lemon scented Madeline's with some Limoncello gelato sounds like a very refreshing way to end a meal.  Also, Santa Margherita ( Pinot Grigio to go with.  I love their wines.  I paid a steep price today, I know because of where I purchased it, if I had driven to J & J Liquor store in the Commons it would have been about $7 less; lesson learned!

I still have to get through this wedding and reception later today...I have a big bag of baby carrots I am sneaking in along with my Vanilla Orange seltzer and a big sippy cup of ice water.  Hopefully there will be veggies that have not been killed with a sauce or drowned with butter.

The next challenge is my anniversary- July 4th.  I know national holiday, but it does make it easy to remember.  It is also Zeus's birthday, a patriotic pup he is.  Army said something about going to the Lake Front (, which would be wonderful.  I think their chef is a CIA grad...good food just waiting to happen.  We went there for my birthday last year and I cannot say I was disappointed.  It was a great meal.  The link takes you to the homepage of the hotel.  It looks like a typical tourist trap, but the food is great and worth every penny.  Some of the menus are on line.  I am thinking the Calamari Salad sounds great...I wonder if they would do it as an entree?  Hhhhmmmm.

Have a healthy, happy, and safe day.

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