Sunday, June 10, 2012


Unstuck...not unstuck by a lot, but unstuck nonetheless.  I have lost another pound, down a total of 28lbs.

 Last night Army made burgers on the grill, a mix of venison and beef which gives great flavor and provides the venison the fat it needs to not become a hockey puck on the grill.  I had an enormous salad and Army loves (canned, yikes!) baked beans so I grabbed some of those yesterday at the store.  I also picked up some of the Arnold whole grain sandwich thins ( a far cry from the square loaves of Arnold white bread of my childhood!  The funny thing about eating right is when you start listening to your body, amazing stuff starts to  happen.  I only had a half of a a hamburger, roll and all.

I was able to pick up yellow tomatoes at the Farmer's Market yesterday even though we arrived a little later due to the fishing expedition, so baked tomatoes are on the menu.  The fishing expedition, ahhh always an experience to be had up here.  Two years ago when we went, I walked off the boat with a sunburn on the right side of the front of me...and completely exhausted from the heat.  So keeping that in mind, I dressed appropriately, I thought.  I looked at Army before we left the house and asked if he would be too warm with the red and black plaid hunting jacket, yellow oilcloth slicker (the kind the guys on Deadliest Catch wear), and his work boots.  Rather than being kind and saying something nice like "Oh, honey, it will be much colder on the water, especially if it is still raining...blah, blah" -what do I know about lakes?- he just let me be.  Needless to say, a  hour in, the slicker was off him and covering my legs, by the end of the second hour, he had the slicker back and the hunting jacket was on my legs.  I was a Popsicle stick by the time we docked.  I don't think I warmed up until after dinner last night.  We had a fire in the wood stove because a.) I was freezing and b.) the house was damp from the rain.

Oh...he didn't catch a darn thing, hence the hamburgers and not the fresh fish for dinner; there is always next time.

Did summer begin and end in March, or will it come back?  Mind you for the obvious reasons, I am not looking for steady 80's and high humidity; but high 70's would be nice.  At least having the oven on for the cheesecake won't be bad today.  I have to get that started so it has plenty of time to cool before dessert tonight.  I'll take pictures and post.

Have healthy, happy, and safe day.

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