Thursday, May 22, 2014

A little Farmers' Market, a little pantry

I had to work later in the day yesterday, but I still wanted to come home to a healthy meal.  I arose early enough to grill a chicken, asparagus, and some corn.  I split the chicken, removing the backbone, so that it would cook a little more evenly.  A little salt and pepper, a little olive oil and off to the grill it went skin side down.  I flipped it after twenty minutes and put the corn on the far side of the grill without the burner on, letting it cook over indirect heat.  I had soaked the ears in cold water the first twenty minutes the chicken was on the grill, so that when I tossed them on the grill husk and all, they would steam and grill (I like a little smoke flavor in my corn.) I flipped the chicken after another twenty minutes and put the asparagus on the top shelf of the grill.  I poked my meat thermometer in the thigh.  I do not pull the bird until I hit an internal thigh temp of about 165, the breast should be done by then if the bird is flat.  I gave everything another ten minutes and then pulled it all.  

While everything cooled down, I boiled some purple potatoes from Heller's farm and while they cooled, I peeled the corn and quartered the chicken.  I sliced the potaoes, thick, about 1/4", and then cut the corn off the cob.  Everything in separate containers in the fridge.  At 8:30 last night, I made a vinegrette with olive oil, Nectar Orchards  apple cider vinegar and honey, salt and pepper then sliced some breast meat and put it over mixed baby greens from Berry Brook farm, placed the potatoes and asparagus and added the corn.  Dinner served!

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