Thursday, May 15, 2014


My husband suspects he may have gout.  And so we both did our own research, and because I am a huge fan of medicating through food, I checked out WebMd to check for food recommendations.  We have found foods that he will certainly have to eat in moderation and make some other dietary changes, but scallops seem to have a big red flag.  That may be the only food we stay away from.  

Discovering this challenge midweek, after having shopped the Cooperstown Farmers' Market and Cooperstown Natural Foods store, I had to deviate slightly from the meal plan.  Last evenings was to be dried cannellini beans, cooked with andouille sausage, corn tortillas, Sabras salsa, Sabras guacamole, and sour cream.  Beans, apparently, are not the best option during a flare of gout.  Thankfully, I purchased the rice varietal blend from Cooperstown Natural Foods store.  I had purchased beef andouille from Raindance Farms and chives from Heller's Farms while I was at the Cooperstown Farmer's Market.  I substituted the rice for the beans and dinner was served!

I cooked the rice, one cup to two and half of water.  I sautéed it first in a little olive oil, then added the water, brought to a boil and reduced the heat to medium low, and let it cooked for about forty-five minutes.  While the rice cooked itself, (because, let's be honest, it does) I sliced the andouille (about a pound) and sautéed in a little olive oil so it crisped up a bit, chopped the chives and cooked the tortillas.  Once the rice was cooked, I added the chives and stirred them together.  When they andouille  was crisp I added the rice to the pan and mixed in approximately a cup of salsa.  I chopped some grape tomatoes, a small onion, and half a jalapeño, added lime juice and chopped cilantro.

True, recommendations for dietary restrictions for gout include limiting beef as well as beans.  I felt replacing the beans with the rice was a fair enough trade as I work to pay more attention to what I purchase at the markets moving forward!  My husband has a doctor's appointment the end of this month, hopefully we will know more after that.

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