Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I love eggs.  At the end of a busy day mowing the lawn, planting some future side dishes, and setting up the camper, dishes that come together quickly and for the most part simply are the best.

Here is what I used from the Cooperstwon Farmers' Market:

Purple potato and spring onions from Heller's Farms;
Mesquite smoked bacon and spinach from Gaia's Breath; and,
Eggs from Painted Goat. 

From my pantry:

Butter, olive oil, organic cheddar cheese, garlic, crushed red pepper.

Here is what I did:

I diced the bacon and tossed it into a heated pan with a little olive oil to start the process of rendering the fat.  While that was working, I put a 1/2" dice on the purple potatoes and finely chopped the garlic. I chopped enough for both the potatoes and the spinach.  I would rather chop once and put aside what I am not using so that it is ready for the next dish.  I like to use cast iron as much as possible and so pulled out my little 8" pan, heated it, added a little butter and reduced the heat.  I did not want the garlic to burn.  I tossed in the potatoes and seasoned with salt and pepper.  Do not crowd the potatoes or they will steam more than brown.

I pulled the bacon from the rendered fat and set it aside to drain.  I removed some of the fat and added it to a stainless steel pan, slowly heated on the back burner.  I added a little crushed red pepper and let it infuse the oil for a minute then added the garlic and sautéed.  Once the garlic softened. I added the spinach, salted it and tossed it around to coat with the oil.  Reduce heat to low and begin the eggs.

Another cast iron pan heated with a little butter melted, a little  crushed pepper, and the chopped bulbs of the spring onions sautéd until the the onions are soft.  Whisk the eggs with a little water, I find the eggs are somewhat fluffier when I use water rather than milk.  I seasoned with salt and pepper and turned the heat down to medium low under the pan and added the eggs.  I let them set up before running a spatula through them.  I cooked them until they were set, firm but not rubbery!  I tossed in the chopped tops of the spring onions and a little shredded organic cheddar.  

A wonderful spring dinner after a long day of preparing for summer!

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