Friday, September 28, 2012

Now, it's Autumn in the Northeast!

One of the more interesting and less flexible (for me) about having Multiple Sclerosis is the dreadful effects of the summer heat. By the time September comes I am ready to just cave in. The heat amplifies any exacerbations I deal with. So my fingers are more stupid; my right leg weighs about 100 or so pounds; color prisms in the corner of my eyes more likely than not; skin on fire; and, my all time favorite: sheer exhaustion that I do not recover from.

As soon as the temps drop back into the low 70's and high 60's I am myself again. Slowly, but it does happen. The cooler nights are fabulous and here is the funny whole life until now, fat or thin, I never am cold. Not in mid-winter, not at Candlelight, not at Christmas.

I am cold at night! The last time I remember weighing this little (for me), Andrew (my youngest son) was a couple of months old- that was just barely over 26 years ago.

I am sure it must be because of the weight loss. And, as I look back over the summer, it was not as hard as previous summers and at many points it was hotter!

Moral of my story? No matter how hard it is to lose the weight, or challenges with exercise (incredibly difficult for me in the summer because of the MS, so I don't), living on fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and lean protein has proven worth it for more than the smaller number on the scale and on the clothes tag. Gotta say, not missing eating processed foods full of fat and ingredients I cannot read - hell not missing fresh cooked foods full of fat.

So close now...then on to maintenance, which I think I have figured out. But more on that when I get there!

One last thing...want to know what Candlelight is? Go to then come visit, there is nothing more breathtaking- not even Rockefeller Center!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bacon, again

So I heard the news yesterday that the price of bacon is expected to rise in drastically in price...the story lead was not the price of pork loin was expected to rise drastically- which it will, any corn or grain fed meat because of the drought will go up in price. Bacon.

We are a nation chock full of obese people. We have even managed to make our kids fat...and not just fat, but obese! And so the price of bacon is what headlines?!

I am more concerned with the price of lean pork loin not only because other than venison, it is probably the meat I eat the most, but because it is not full of fat. When will people finally get the message? When do we stop killing ourselves and our families?

I know it is about moderation and balance, but really, I have ranted on this before- in whose world is bacon an okay option? Bacon does not make everything better...learn the basics of cooking, learn how to create layers of flavor without using heart-stopping bacon fat. Argh.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I need more time!

I know who doesn't? Sorry I did not post yesterday. I upgraded my iPad to iOS6. I could not get my apps to perform. Better now.

Buggy did not come up for dinner Sunday, so I made penne with meatballs and the most unbelievable Sunday sauce. No pics of dinner. For dessert I sweetened (with honey) some of the ricotta I made and added some chopped dark chocolate with almonds and hit it with raspberries macerated in balsamic vinegar. I took a pic of that... It was fabulous!

It is entirely possible grad school will kill me; I'm not sure. I know it will likely limit the amount of things I say "yes" to at work outside of what I have already taken on. Only so many hours in a day, and I know an MBA is the best way to get ahead...gotta focus!

Have a happy, healthy, and food safe day!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm so close!

Almost...12.3lbs and I will be at the big goal, 7.3lbs until the next small goal. I should be done by the time I see the good doctor again in December.

And, I found a jeweler who can size my wedding band. For now it is a middle finger ring and I am wearing the wedding band Eddie, Eddie Star gave my mom when they were married. My band cannot be cut because it has a continual design all around it. I don't want a ring guard inside because I do. not want the inscription obscured. The jeweler is placing a half band and beveling the edges to smooth down inside the ring so my finger does not get irritated. We have to wait though, because I have lost two ring sizes in the (then) 40lbs I had lost, so with another 15lbs, I will probably be down another full size! Now if only my hair would not grow so fast. For those of you with slow hair growth, look at your diets because seriously my hair grows even faster now than it did when I was unhealthy and it grew faster than normal than. Now it grows almost 3/4" in 5 weeks; used to be it grew a little more than 1/2" in 5 weeks.

On track for homemade cheese, just waiting to add the lemon. I cooked the sauce in the oven all night- the kitchen smelled amazing this morning. All that is left is the eggplant itself and meatballs!

Have a great day. Until next time- remember hard as it can be, eat healthy.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My time

Here I am waiting for my hair appointment. This is probably my favorite "me" time. My hair -much like my waistline when I wasn't paying attention to it- grows ridiculously fast. My very gray roots have to be covered every five weeks and it has to be trimmed or I do resemble a shaggy dog.

I have already been to the Farmer's market and picked up some of the ingredients for tomorrow. The fall weather is beginning to settle in in the Central Leatherstocking Region of New York and I could not be happier...shorter days, gray days (okay in the sky not in the hair, cooler temps and comfort food dinners- only Sunday. I am making Eggplant Parmesan and fresh ricotta cheese, grilled sourdough, and some roasted tomatoes from my garden. I don't know about dessert yet, I will work on the wine and bask in being pampered!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emotional eating

I don't normally post during the day M-F because I am work...I needed a break today! I have had the craziest couple of weeks-worked a half day when I was supposed to off, but...- homework, posting, shorthanded at work, frustrated, cannot get info I need. What a test of my new lifestyle this is.

If I was to be driven to eat out of stress and frustration, today would be the day. So I guess even though the day is totally sucking- starting with Chunky Pup peeing on the mat at the back door, up to this moment of abysmal frustration- I can glorify in my progress. It may actually be that there are other ways to deal with stuff than food.

Blogging is one of them. I don't have a lot of followers, but I do have lots of hits so I have at least found a way to put a "voice" to my frustrations. Thank you everyone that "listens"!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Roasted Corn!

Once a year, every year! I had a beautiful ear of yellow corn, roasted, and dipped in that liquid gold sprinkled a little salt and yummed it up.

Yesterday was chocolate chip cookies, pulled pork (another Bob O'Rourke specialty), corn, and pizza. Thankfully it is over! I definitely have a food hangover this morning. Thankfully, it's Monday and I am back at it.

I am working on the next small goal of 10lbs. That said, I have 9.7lbs left to go!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well it only took a month of Sundays (literally since I only weigh myself on Sunday), I have finally broke the 40lb mark! Down 40.7, I know I know, not a lot, but I finally broke it. A little motivation to keep going.

But, alas, it is Sunday AND the last day of the 34th Harvest Festival and I can already hear the roasted corn calling my name...and Bob O'Rourke's chocolate chip cookies, of which I get to eat one on about 2 hours when I have to go bag more because our Membership campaign yesterday was so successful I went through 6 dozen.

And since I don't have the day to cook anything yummy, I am picking up my favorite thing for dinner on my way home--pizza from NY Pizzeria in Cooperstown. It is the closest I have had in all my year's up here to the pizza I grew up on in Brooklyn. And then bed and back it again tomorrow.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Harvest Festival

Fall is my favorite part of the year. It is truly one of the reasons I love the Northeast. I love it even more now that I work for The Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, NY. The museum is a mid 1800's working farm and Harvest Fest a celebration of Summer's end. Something I am always looking forward to!

The family activities are amazing, the variety of food, and the furry animals make for a great day. The festival is both Saturday and Sunday and I am working both, but only sampling the yummy stuff on Sunday.

Let me tell you, Nestlé Toll House cookies got nothing on our in-house chef Bob O'Rourke's chocolate chip cookies, or the roasted corn dipped in butter, baked goods from the local grange ladies and pies from the church ladies.

There is nothing bad about attending the original Harvest Festival, (now 34th and going strong), and if you are a member of the New York State Historical Association, (NYSHA), your admission is free.

See you there!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

My son came to visit this past weekend. He lives on Long Island, so it's a couple of trains and a 1.5 hour car drive from the train station home!

He said I was tiny. He has seen me this size, but was only two or three and would not remember. We hit a couple of stores (Talbots outlet) and I now have a very elegant, professional, and inexpensive wardrobe- yes, inexpensive and Talbots can be in the same sentence if the word 'outlet' is also there.

I drank a little bit more wine and had some really yummy food Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I was afraid to get on the scale this morning, I'm not gonna lie, but low and behold I am still down 39lbs. I'm guessing it was the combined 12 miles I walked over the three days whilst we were shopping. Blake has some pretty fab work shoes and a very cool pair of Cole Haan oxfords...DSW, gotta' love it.

So I am back at, although I forgot to attach my pedometer today...lots on my mind: homework due, annual evaluation, and a foundation proposal.

Picture of me and I am not standing in a hole, he is really tall!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The good news is...

Dr. Palumbo was pleased; their scale is about 5lbs off from mine, same as the last time I was there, but the net result is the same-down 39lbs. My blood pressure was 116/72...haven't seen numbers that good in probably 30 years. My pulse was low and the best part: one of my BP mess is going away! Half a pill a day for 7 days then gone. Hurrah. Now I will only need to take five pills every morning, and other miscellaneous scattered through the day.

She wants to see me in three months for a check. I am going to work diligently to take off the next 16 pounds by then.

The weather is cooling down, it will be easier for Chunky Pup and to walk longer and when the snow flies, I have the treadmill. Nothing is unachievable with hard work and dedication.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Big Day

Here I am waiting nervously for the anticipated day. My scale says I am still one pound shy of the forty pound mark which was my goal for this appointment, but I am relatively sure Dr. Palumbo will be pleased anyway.

I think we will be adjusting my blood pressure mess at the very least, help with these little dizzy moments I get.

I still plan to keep going; this was just the first hurdle. Sixteen pounds to lose and a lifetime to maintain...Sundays Off lives on!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sunday's dinner

I could not persuade the Blogger app to open yesterday! So Sunday's dinner came out of the smoker beautifully! I had deboned the butt (which is actually the shoulder; the ham is the rear), tied, brined it overnight, dried it, and rubbed it with brown sugar and chili powder,; then, smoked it for six hours. It sliced beautifully and the leftovers I can pull for dinner one night this week. I grilled peppers and onions and did hoagies with the spicy hot smoked sausage. The balance went in the freezer for pizza this coming Sunday.

Short work week, between the holiday yesterday and taking Friday off because...Blakey is coming! He will be so surprised when he sees me!

And I see my Thursday...cannot wait to see the look on her face!

See pics below from Sunday.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Farmer's Market

Okay, love the lady that makes the chocolate stuffed brioche- tomorrow's breakfast.

Autumn is here, the market starts opening at 9 instead of 8 and pretty soon it will only be every other week. So sad, truly, it is the only part of summer fading away that saddens me. The good news was some of the fall squashes were for sale and brussel sprouts were available. I love to just cut them in half and pan roast them salt and pepper and hit them with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar when they come out of the oven.

But, not tomorrow. Tomorrow I am smoking a pork butt for pulled pork, smoking hot Italian sausages, and smoking spare ribs! A veritable feast! I am making my mom's macaroni salad with peas and carrots, and, for dessert: chocolate shortbread with fresh raspberries, a blueberry sauce (with some of the berries we froze last year), and of course, hand-whipped cream. I think Sam Adams Autumn selections instead of wine to honor the food.

I love three day weekends!