Friday, September 28, 2012

Now, it's Autumn in the Northeast!

One of the more interesting and less flexible (for me) about having Multiple Sclerosis is the dreadful effects of the summer heat. By the time September comes I am ready to just cave in. The heat amplifies any exacerbations I deal with. So my fingers are more stupid; my right leg weighs about 100 or so pounds; color prisms in the corner of my eyes more likely than not; skin on fire; and, my all time favorite: sheer exhaustion that I do not recover from.

As soon as the temps drop back into the low 70's and high 60's I am myself again. Slowly, but it does happen. The cooler nights are fabulous and here is the funny whole life until now, fat or thin, I never am cold. Not in mid-winter, not at Candlelight, not at Christmas.

I am cold at night! The last time I remember weighing this little (for me), Andrew (my youngest son) was a couple of months old- that was just barely over 26 years ago.

I am sure it must be because of the weight loss. And, as I look back over the summer, it was not as hard as previous summers and at many points it was hotter!

Moral of my story? No matter how hard it is to lose the weight, or challenges with exercise (incredibly difficult for me in the summer because of the MS, so I don't), living on fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and lean protein has proven worth it for more than the smaller number on the scale and on the clothes tag. Gotta say, not missing eating processed foods full of fat and ingredients I cannot read - hell not missing fresh cooked foods full of fat.

So close now...then on to maintenance, which I think I have figured out. But more on that when I get there!

One last thing...want to know what Candlelight is? Go to then come visit, there is nothing more breathtaking- not even Rockefeller Center!

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