Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm so close!

Almost...12.3lbs and I will be at the big goal, 7.3lbs until the next small goal. I should be done by the time I see the good doctor again in December.

And, I found a jeweler who can size my wedding band. For now it is a middle finger ring and I am wearing the wedding band Eddie, Eddie Star gave my mom when they were married. My band cannot be cut because it has a continual design all around it. I don't want a ring guard inside because I do. not want the inscription obscured. The jeweler is placing a half band and beveling the edges to smooth down inside the ring so my finger does not get irritated. We have to wait though, because I have lost two ring sizes in the (then) 40lbs I had lost, so with another 15lbs, I will probably be down another full size! Now if only my hair would not grow so fast. For those of you with slow hair growth, look at your diets because seriously my hair grows even faster now than it did when I was unhealthy and it grew faster than normal than. Now it grows almost 3/4" in 5 weeks; used to be it grew a little more than 1/2" in 5 weeks.

On track for homemade cheese, just waiting to add the lemon. I cooked the sauce in the oven all night- the kitchen smelled amazing this morning. All that is left is the eggplant itself and meatballs!

Have a great day. Until next time- remember hard as it can be, eat healthy.

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