Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I need more time!

I know who doesn't? Sorry I did not post yesterday. I upgraded my iPad to iOS6. I could not get my apps to perform. Better now.

Buggy did not come up for dinner Sunday, so I made penne with meatballs and the most unbelievable Sunday sauce. No pics of dinner. For dessert I sweetened (with honey) some of the ricotta I made and added some chopped dark chocolate with almonds and hit it with raspberries macerated in balsamic vinegar. I took a pic of that... It was fabulous!

It is entirely possible grad school will kill me; I'm not sure. I know it will likely limit the amount of things I say "yes" to at work outside of what I have already taken on. Only so many hours in a day, and I know an MBA is the best way to get ahead...gotta focus!

Have a happy, healthy, and food safe day!

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