Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Bloopers

So let’s get the worst of this out of the way.  Birthday Cake.  Marge Landers, cake decorator extraordinaire baked and decorated Army’s birthday cake.  Points- from nothing do we know points, layer of ganache, layer of chocolate mousse, two layers of cake some fabulous frosting on which she managed to create a woodsy scene with a hunter and a beagle (small pup).  I had a piece.  I estimated super high on the points and stuck to smoked turkey breast, (we smoked it ourselves; his birthday present was a smoker), and Sabras Hummus.  That I do have the points for.  I clocked myself as having used all my points.  This leads me to today’s “Sundays Off”.  I was not planning on having the cake, but seriously, who am I kidding.  YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Since I do not believe I exceeded my points for the day, taking everything into account, I taking today off anyway, but on the lighter side.
Oh, and I did weigh myself yesterday, another 1/2lb down; the weather is supposed to pick up this week, so Micro (chunky pup, see picture) and I will return to our evening walks.  Her legs are only about 7" long.  Army loves to feed her, she does the Sandwich Dance for him in the  mornings, I'll film it this week and post it, it's the best exercise of the day!

I did break down the turkey yesterday and we smoked the breast and tenders then I slow roasted (250° for about 4 hours) the legs, thighs, and wings.  I think I will break down the thigh meat and make my version of enchiladas.  I have masa harina, chipotles in adobo sauce, queso blanco and canned tomatoes.  I could even make an avocado cream, all I need is the blender, robo coup would kill it.  This could work…pictures tomorrow!
Check out Frontera's website...Rick Bayless tex mex guru, recipes, products, masa harina, ext.  (  Have him and Bobby Flay (  off on Iron Chef...that would be a site to behold.  Although, admittedly I was tickled to see the good Irish lad return to his roots and take that trip home!

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