Monday, April 30, 2012

Did you hear the crash?

That was the very loud sound of me falling off the wagon yesterday....who'da thought that never would have happened?  So I took Sunday Off, the cliff.  Movies, popcorn, pizza for dinner then left over birthday cake!  What was I doing...oh, operating in a food coma.  Every been in one? I was yesterday.
So now my biggest challenge is how to fit the groceries I purchased for yesterday into my Points Plus program because I don't like to waste money.  I can replace the regular sour cream (I won't even break the seal on the container so it should last) with the non-fat sour cream I use the during the week in the Avocado Cream Sauce (I will post that recipe tomorrow), I will still be able to make the corn tortillas for the enchilada wrap, use the turkey, but unless I want us to eat dinner at 10:00 PM, I may have to purchase enchilada sauce because between making the tortillas and making that, I won't have time and purchased tortillas are loaded with lard / fat, whereas mine won't have any.

So I will keep you posted in between bites of salad this week so that I don't gain any weight back, but I will stick to being as nutritionally sound as possible because I know from personal experience that starving myself and not eating at all will lead to problems bigger than I wish to face at this time in my life. 

Stay tuned, have a healthy day.

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