Friday, April 27, 2012

Two challenges, one day

Wow, so two challenges yesterday.  First lunch.  Turns out that was pretty easy.  Anne came down from Utica to drop off some items her company printed for me (G.W. Canfield and Sons if you are looking for top notch product and service) and we pondered the eating opportunites and decided upon the Hawkeye Grill at the Otesaga Hotel ( and landed on a fabulous Salmon Caprese Salad.  I personally do not like mozzarella cheese unless its melted, so I asked them to eighty six it and they did.  Anne had it with hers and said it was wonderful.  The salmon portion was approximately 4-6 ounces, visually based on the Weight Watchers cheat sheet you can access if you are a WW member.  The salad was a variety of mixed greens, tomatoes and haricot verts (I think I spied them under the fillet) and a wonderful dressing on the side.  I used points to account for a 4oz portion of farm-raised salmon and accounted for 1 tspn of olive oil since I just occasionally dipped my fork in the they not give you enough to bathe in, or what???  Who can use that much dressing and still taste the salad?

So then part two, dinner with the smoked / roasted pork butt.  Which did turn out to have great flavor.  The glory of that cut of meat is once it cools, the fat is easy to pull off and seperate from the layers of meat.  I am relatively sure there are some happy neighborhood pups this morning since I put all the fat (even the crispies, which are the best) out in the dish for them.  I did that and broke down the meat, opened up a can of red kidney beans, drained them stuck them in a small saucepan with some chicken stock and 1/3 cup of Sweet Baby Ray's bar-b-que sauce added the pork and heated it through.  Tossed together a salad- if you don't buy salad in a sack, start doing so.  You cannot blame lack of time on not having salad for dinner!  I popped on grape tomatoes, put my husband's favorite dressing on his and white balsamic vinegar on mine.  Dinner.  I will give you, not the lowest in points because that cut of meat is inherently higher in fat than say a pork loin, I used the point value for country ribs because they are roughly the same kind of fatty meat.  I still ended the day at 25 points.  Planning, its all about planning.

Tonight and tomorrow will be an adventure.  Army (husband) and I were in B.J.'s Wholesale last night purchasing the absolute worse things to eat (in the world) for his birthday party tomorrow.  I am making macaroni salad, potato salad-both with mayo; we bought chips and dips; and, a slight nod to me, items for a Caprese Salad...I just won't eat the mozz!

Have a great day, and make good food choices.

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