Thursday, May 10, 2012

Facebook & Friends

For any of you who read yesterday morning, clearly my day was not starting off well.  It did get better.  I have dealt with MS for 12 years now (in June, funny how those dates stick with you) and I have learned that the worse I feel the better I should look because at least then when I look in the mirror I know that what everyone else is seeing is the best me I can put out there.  So I did my best yesterday, then some things fell into place at work that I have been waiting on, reaffirming that the universe is not out to get me.  By the end of the day I started to see my unicorns and rainbows again.

None of it however altered my food frame of mind.  I still couldn't get Ben and Jerry's off my brain.  The problem with food issues, is that you have no choice but to learn to deal with them. don't have to buy the Ben and Jerry's.  That you can control.  So I did.

Army was off in search of a trailer for the truck so I was on my own...sometimes good sometimes bad.  I knew the food funk was going to continue to be a problem so I had some Sabras Red Pepper Hummus, which I love, measured, of course, and Stacey's Naked Pita chips (I know, not gluten free), also measured out and sat down on the couch.

When I was a SUCO student a few years ago, some of the freshman became ducklings (they was a joke) and once we all graduated, we kind of lost touch.  So I went on FB last night and found my friend Nina, who I had not spoken to in three years...we started texting and the great thing about that is texting is an ongoing conversation- her last response I can respond to today and it will be like we are in the same conversation.

Needless to say, my day ended much better than it began.  And I did not want Ben and Jerry's anymore.

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