Monday, May 14, 2012

The morning after

There is one problem with Sundays Off.  I feel like I have a hang over on Mondays.  I guess I do in a sense.  I over do foods that I do not normally eat, gluten products that for 6 days a week my body seems to be very happy to live without.  Although, to my credit, I find that I am even altering Sundays Off recipes using non-gluten flours.  Both the muffins and the cake only used half white flour.  The muffins I changed out the other half with a 1/4 brown rice flour and 1/4 of almond flour.  For the Olive Oil cake I used 1/2 white flour and half almond flour.  The only difference was a good one in that the recipe actually calls for bread flour which is even higher in gluten than regular flour and the cake historically is denser.  The use of the almond flour really lightened it up a bit and added great flavor.

Mother's Day was good, the cooking brought back many memories.  Both my sons called to wish me a good day and the furry kids gave me cute card; of course, Chunky Pup took advanage of an unsupervised moment and went out on a free pup.  We spent the better part of an hour roaming calling for her.  The neighbors dog brought her home.  It's the third time Panda's done that.  She hears us calling for Micro and she goes off and finds her and brings her home.  Micro just looks at you like "what, I went for a walk, what's the big deal?"  She does not come when she's called, she could be around the corner of the house, just out of the line of vision, but not sound and she will not respond.  Needless to say she slept soundly last night.

The attached picture is of the entree.  The white ragu over penne pasta and sauteed broccoli rabe-how bright is that green- the wine was a vermintino grape.  Not bad, but I am not a huge white wine fan- pinot grigio and white burgandy aside.  Back to points today, I am down 24.2 lbs all total so I only have 5.8 to my next small goal and 15.8 to the big, and possilby final goal.  I don't know with as "easy" as this is going I may try to hit another 10 after the big goal. 

I can almost type up to speed.  Yesterday I could type with both hands again, but much better with the left, the right could not keep pace.  I typed my post out in Microsoft Word first, so auto correct was actually my friend yesterday.  I'm backspacing a lot today to make corrections, but I am remarkably better.  Everyday I am happy that I have Remitting / Relapsing (happy?) MS; at least I remit.  It does seem that every time I lose a little more, but I always seem to recover most.

Have a healthy, happy, and safe day.

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