Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I feel like the weather looks- sad and miserable!

It's Wednesday already.  Eek.  And its morning.  And I have not had a latte yet.  And I'm tired.  Yeah, and I don't really want to face the day...although a pint of Ben and Jerry's might make it better. Nooooooooooo.  I still think that way, WW Points Plus even with Sundays Off has not fixed that.  Probably never will.  I guess that is where sheer will power and determination kick in.  Food only makes us happy in the moment, it makes us miserable in the long term.  If I keep my eye on the prize, or in this case, the number on the tag, I will succeed.

This time it will be long term and it will be a whole lot healthier than ever before, and I will be yellow, because I think that is what happens when you eat 6 bannanas a day.  Of course I keep mixing in lots of red berries, so I guess I may turn out orange and looking like I have a really bad spray tan (oxymoron, who ever has a good one?)

Oh wait a sec, I forgot to weigh myself...I'll be right back.  Okay, not great, but down a half pound.  I'll tell you, if I did not have a WW digital scale that weighed me to the tenth of a pound today would be even more metally challenging.

I don't always have great days full of raibows and unicorns, like many of you some of mine just suck and it is hard not to turn to old friends- ice cream, cookies, comfort foods.  But I have to put on my big girl pants this morning and fight old habits with achievable goals and fight my way throught the day.

Be healthy, happy, and safe.

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