Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'll weigh myself after the alien moves the meantime

I know I said I weigh myself on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but it would appear that I have acquired an alien who is currently living in my GI system so any weight loss would be a false reading anyway, why get my hopes up merely to be dashed to the ground later this week?  I think I will wait until food is staying down.  So, instead today’s topic, one of my favorite things in the world other than preparing and eating food.  Breakfast Service.
I am a big fan of English Breakfast – service as well as typical menu.  See still talking about food.  Continental Breakfast service skips some of the finer elements.  An English Breakfast service has more interesting elements like a fish knife and fork, a cruet set, and (my favorite) a dessert spoon and fork.
This is probably because the English serve a much more interesting Breakfast.  They don’t stop with juices; they serve stewed fruit as well.  Not only are sausages (bangers?) and bacon served but so can grilled herring salami and kidneys.  I’m relatively sure that bread for toast is a crime against the Queen; instead rolls, brioche, or croissants may appear.
Obviously, I read a great deal.  I have decided that when I finally get to Europe, if I stay in London on my way to Italy, I wish to stay at The Georgian House; rumor has it they serve a true English Breakfast, cooked to order that includes fresh eggs from their country farm and they serve the same sausages the Royal Family eats.
From there, to Harrods’s department store, Afternoon Tea (another favorite) and then the rest of King's Road…what more could a girl want!

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