Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Half step back

I have today's mystery does a body (literally) gain 1/2lb after two days of eating fruit and lean protein?   Okay, I get that maybe not losing, I'm okay with that.  But isn't fruit like 90% water, which remind later, is a whole other problem for women over a certain age who have had children? This is when I get frustrated, yes as I have pointed out previously, I do get frustrated with this whole thing just like anyone else.

I may have mentioned that I have a friend, who shall remain nameless because I am not sure how she feels about the general public knowing, who had lap band surgergy maybe a year or so ago.  She looks great, she is almost where she wants to be, but know she is dealing with extra skin that she hates and a very restricted diet.  I could live with a little extra skin and after years of being a yo-yo I actually do, but I could not live with a restricted diet.  Really, how would I take the dream trip to Italy (I kiddingly asked my boss yesterday if I could have a 1 year paid leave of absence) if I could not enjoy the food.  It is such a huge part of understanding any culture.  So I guess I will remain frustrated for another couple of days until Iget on the scale on Sunday...I know it's more than a couple, but saying a couple makes my brain feel better.

Oh the 90% water problem...between huge quantities of fruit that are largely water and all the water I actually have to factor that into my day, into my travel, into taking walks.  I certainly won't dehydrate anytime soon.

If my husband could stop tormenting Chunky Pup with the daily Samich Dance and answer my question, I could tell you if I was having sauteed wild ramps, arugula, and spinach with the fish tonight for dinner; but what fun would that be?  So that is the plan, but since the starter on the 4wheeler is a problem, we would actually have to take a hike together and for those of you who know my husband, unless the activity is a chore related one, he is not interested.  I'll see if I can convince him that we are "hunting" ramps; hunting is always a productive activity to him and since the turkeys are all still alive and well, maybe I can convince him it is ramp season.

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