Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Day of Vacation!!!!!

Farmer's Market Day, kind of in a hurry, they have 200lbs (only) of fresh tomatoes.  They will move quickly.  They also have "local" wineries this time of the year, see what's available, although I already have a drink recipe for tomorrow-I need to check the rum supply. 

I'll be okay today and tomorrow, Saturdays and Sundays never change.  I am very worried about the week and the lack of structure I will be facing.  It is easy to stay on track when I am in such a rigid schedule.  I won't have one this week so prep work will be even more important.

My glueten free brownies and cookies arrived from Organically Hip, so I have changed dessert for tomorrow accordingly.  It will only have hints of Jamacian flavors; but it will be good!

If you have any helpful hints for staying on track next week, please comment; I can use the help!

Pictures tomorrow and weight update as well.  Have a healthy, happy, and safe day!

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