Friday, May 25, 2012

Vacation, vacation, I'm going on staycation

Staycation...the "I have no money" to travel form of vacation!  That and I have a plethora of things that still have not been done that I have been saying for months I would do.  So now I have no excuse. 

My car, a complete disaster, you would think I live in it.  My studded snow tires are in the trunk, have been since they came off the car in April.  That's helping gas mileage I'm sure.

I am planning on completing the Winter to Summer closet rotation as well as the "shopping in my own closet" process because my smaller clothes are all starting to fit and even the size I just shrunk back into is getting a little big.

And I am making a visit to the state museum in Albany to see the 9/11 exhibit.  I think for my generation, that day is to us what the assasination of either Kennedy was to our parents'.  I will never forget, especially spending my early years growing up around the men in Ladder 147 and Engine 281, in Brooklyn.  These men were heroes to three small young girls; they fixed our bikes, our roller skates, they jumped rope with us, sent us to get Italian ices, played handball.  These were the best men we knew.  My mom finally married one of them!  My stepdad, as many of you may know is a retired NYC Firefighter.

I have to admit this is the first vacation without a "food adventure" activity, be it literal or in my kitchen.  I plan to stick to my eating plan and Points Plus because I am still not at my goal and until I am, I cannot deviate from the process or I am afraid, given my history, I again will not complete the journey and begin the next journey of maintaining.  So Sunday this week will be my kitchen trip to Jamaica and next week...well I don't know, but I have a lot of time to figure it out.  My goal is to keep up my weight loss, wish me luck fellow companions on this journey.  I will continue to blog through the week; it helps me stay focused.

Be healthy, happy, and safe.

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