Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elastic waistbands-the demise of America

I understand how people get discouraged with the "process" of dieting.  If that was what I was doing once again, instead long-term lifestyle changes, probably I would have already given in.  Not because the weight isn't coming off- it certainly is- but the work that goes into this is extraordinary.  I was up at 5AM cutting up papaya, canteloupe, tomatoes, mint, and washing grapes---really?  And I did not get to bed until after 10PM.  If your eye is on the short-term prize, it is easy to just throw it away or do something that will set you up for failure again.

Seriously, if I read one more of these ridiculous Omni rocks posts on Facebook about individuals who lose 40lbs in 20 days or something equally nuts, I am unfriending the person posting them.  That kind of unsustainable crap is why there is an obesity crisis in this country.  Lose it, then gain it back and add another 10lbs.  Yo-yo-yo-yoooooooooooooooo dieting without lifestyle change is only a pipe dream.   We have strayed so far from the purpose of food in this country.  I have a dinner plate set from the 40's...the dinner plates are 10", like the size of bagels they just keep getting bigger and to what purpose?  Given the obesity issue I am going out on a limb and guessing its not because we are adding more fresh fruits and veggies.

Oh, and don't get me wrong there are some things in life that I love...like yoga wear.  Are there pants more comfortable?  NO.  But who was the genius who decided that they should be a fashion statement and worn out in public?  And it's not just yoga pants...anything with an elastic waist.  How many times have you heard at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, family reunion,  blah blah pick the holiday (invented or otherwise) and you hear people claim they wore their elastic waist _____ fill in the blank so they could eat everything that wanted and still be comfortable?  What??????????????????????  Not that I have not been guilty of that; but that is what I am changing and I think if everyone took the more difficult route of learning to make better choices, you know Aunt Suzi's potato salad slathered in Hellman's (my husband would make that choice, but he is incredibly fit and hot) or perhaps something lighter like chilled baby new potatoes drizzled with tarragon-steeped olive oil and white balsamic vinegar?  What would I have to blog about?  Of course, there is a great deal of tax money driven by the sale of ridiculous diet products, and the country is in enough of an economic slump without losing more revenue.

My  point is, elastic waist bands are the symbol of the obesity problem in this nation...let's try a metal button that might dig in a little bit and make us little uncomfortable.  We could be healthier, smaller, and more active with less food and higher nutrients.  Elastic waist bands as the demise of American culture, hmmm.

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