Thursday, May 24, 2012

Note to self: be prepared!

Last night- tired as I am right now- and I have slept.  Those of you with MS or know somemone with MS know that the heat and  humidity sucks much of the life out of us.

I come home from work last night to a soggy Chunky Pup, the lure of the pond is overwhelming so when she can break for she does.  Normally not a problem.  Last night, while wet she rolled in I don't know what-must have smelled appropriate to her doggy nose.  So then I had soggy and gross smelling.  So much for actually cooking dinner; bathing her wwas much more important to the peacefulness of the night.

Thankfully, due to prep work over the weekend and my husband's forsight to boil a dozen eggs, I had the makings of a fabulous salad with hard boiled eggs and my favorite food- avocado.  The Farmer's Market is good for a whole lot more than just planning Sundays Off- it makes Weight Watchers Points Plus doable Monday through Sunday.

Have a healthy, happy, safe day.

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