Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lattes in the mornings...should be a song!

It’s true, I am useless in the mornings without my latte.  I love Krups machine.  It is not top of the line, but it does make coffee for my husband and lattes for me.  I have a little stainless steel pitcher in which to put ice cold skim milk, so cold it creates condensation on the outside of the pitcher before I am even ready to steam the milk.  My favorite sound in the morning is the hissing of the pressure building up and the water forcing its way through the espresso in the little metal filter.  Two thirds of the way up the glass pitcher and it’s time- time to steam the milk, to rotate the dial from the cup icon to the frothy icon and let the magic of hot steam in cold milk begin.  It doesn’t matter the season; for me lattes are the nectar of the Gods.
I have two everyday; I am not a milk drinker and I am relatively sure that this helps meet my WW Points Plus dairy goal.  I am still feeling the effects of my free fall off the food cliff on Sunday.  I think I mentioned that I normally stay away from the obvious gluten foods and since I started that whenever I eat any, I feel lethargic and as though my lower abdomen is carrying an extra 10lbs.  Funny enough, I found my weight loss accelerated after I stopped eating the obviously gluten laden products.  I have returned to eating fruits, veggies, and lean protein but I think between the alien that was living inside me Tuesday and my behavior Sunday it is going to be days before I feel good again.  I stayed under points yesterday, not hard while living on leaves, etc.  I do however diligently try to meet the points goal because I am firm believer in not enough intake is as bad as too much and points makes that simple.  The good news is that since I try to be gluten free, most of my points come from lean proteins and good fats such as nuts and avocados.
Chunky pup and I are walking tonight, because that always makes me feel better, and let me tell you how excited she is about being dragged up and down the road!  She gives me those pathetic round eyes and droopy ears.  Hard to believe she comes from hunting stock on both sides of her pedigree, the beagle and blue tick.  If she escapes and goes on a “free pup” she heads straight for the pond and belly flops in.  I have no fear of her drowning with all fat keeping her buoyant!
Have a healthy, safe day!

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