Saturday, July 28, 2012

I know, I know late again!

Saturdays are getting away from me in a big way!  It took me most of the day to figure out tomorrow's dinner from the ingredients I picked up between the Farmer's Market and the grocery store.  All I knew when I left the house this morning is that there would be a goat cheese component.  I have to whip some extra to bring to Sarah with crackers on Monday.  She is another one of those spots of sunshine and almost eagerly listens to me go on and on and on about food and wine.

And Lord knows, I do.  Everybody I run into who I have known asks me what I am doing to loose weight, because they have tried "everything".  Not.  Weight Watchers Points Plus works, IF YOU FOLLOW THE WHOLE picking and choosing, no forgetting to track, no unaccounted licks or tastes.  I bumped into my neurologist at the Farmer's Market today and he did a double take, did not recognize me at first- truth be told, if I had not started speaking to the lady at the goat cheese booth, I am not sure he would have. I have been told I have recognizable voice.  I do not know if that is good or bad.  I see him every 6 months or so; he has not seen me since I started this.  I cannot wait to go see my Primary Care doctor in September and get on the scale.  Yes, I said it, I want to get on the scale.  The beauty of what I am doing is that I eat really, really good food Monday-Saturday.  Beautiful salads with grilled chicken or fish, fruit until I am sure I could turn into a grape (melon, strawberry, honey dew, whatever) so I never feel deprived and I am never hungry.  Except if it is the non-stomach hungry otherwise known as the emotional beast!  But even that, with discipline and building new habits and actually dealing with emotions is changing.

Speaking of emotions, my husband made me cry.  In a good way.  He can be really wonderful and he has done something fabulous to help me out and I felt so overwhelmed I cried.  I like to not hide my emotions, good or bad.  Of course, I also still have to learn a great deal about editing the words that go with the emotions!

How does this sound for Sundays Off:  Butter crackers with herb goat cheese, fresh herbs from my container garden of course; probably rosemary because I love it and some fresh cracked pepper.  Dinner:  Pork chops stuffed with goat cheese, kalamata olives, sage, rosemary, thyme, and S&P.  Sides:  probably mixed green salad and rice pilaf.  My favorite part, dessert:  Grilled peaches with honey on toasted pound cake and (of course) hand whipped cream.  And a bottle of Baco Noir; a New York wine that I have never had and these grapes originated in France, but apparently climate changes mostly wiped them out over there.  I wonder if we sent any back in the form of root stocks when were helping Europe rebuild there viticulture  after phylloxera wiped out their native plants.  Yeah, I am a wine geek.

I'll post pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Love the goat cheese and olives mmmm mmmm mmm! Thanks, Corrine! xoxoxo