Monday, July 23, 2012

Nothing like I planned

Believe it or not, I could not find classic Bobby Flay recipes! I know crazy, right? So rather than having to look too much or too hard (sounds a little lazy, doesn't it?) I opted instead to go through an older collection of recipe cards with wine selections.

Dinner was grilled salmon cakes and corn cakes that technically should have been born from leftovers. The corn on the cob was, the salmon I bought a beautiful fillet from Price Chopper and grilled and cooled it. From there I pulled it apart, added all kinds of yummy stuff and made a red pepper remoulade, so good. I made some mashed potatoes for my very patient and loving husband (I did have a little myself) and a wonderful watercress and mixed herb salad with a beautiful fresh orange juice and blood orange olive oil vinaigrette garnished with miniature violets.

Dessert was stellar. I made a grape, wine, and olive oil cake...with some hand-whipped cream. I think the cake would have been better if I had used Iced Wine, but I did not have any so I used the next best thing, Sweet Little Blond from Rustic Ridge winery a little place in Burlington Flats that works with a Finger Lake winery to produce some fair priced okay wines and does tastings all the time ( I will definitely change up next time I make the cake.

Here's some photos of the day in food. Have a happy, healthy, and safe day.

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