Friday, July 6, 2012

Activity points

So probably the most important part of WWPP after the points values for food are the ones for exercise.

Not gonna lie...I am not as good about tracking them or earning them. Admittedly, in the cooler weather I am better about both than I am now when my skin is melting off my body, on fire, and just plain cannot bare to breathe.. So I try to take advantage of early morning and later in the evening so that I can walk Chunky Pup since this whole journey is as much about getting her healthy as me.

Off we trotted this morning. I took Small Pup too so he doesn't feel left out. It is hard getting two steps without stopping- Chunky's nose is always glued to the ground, it's a wonder she has not plowed face first into a tree and Small Pup is alway wants to head in whichever direction you currently are not going in. Makes walking for exercise a real challenge!

I figure if I get dragged up and down the road a couple of times a day that counts as activity points- in this scorching heat and with the MS, it is about the best I can hope for this time of the year!

Have a healthy, happy, and safe day.

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