Saturday, July 7, 2012

Aida tonight and dinner on the Nile!

We are going to see the opera ,Aida, tonight with dinner ahead of time. I have sampled much much food from the area, but I have never had Egyptian food. Morrocan, Syrian, Israli,Lebonese. I don't know, it will be interesting. I do know who is catering it, and that in and of itself will be a real treat for me because I use her at the events I host at the museums and therefore never actually have the opportunity to enjoy the food- just little tasty bites here and there. Still and all, it is Aida that I am most excited about. It is my favorite opera.

Farmer's Market today, I have to arrive early this week so I do not miss out on strawberries; Sundays Off dessert is Strawberry Shortcake. Little ones that I love to make with- no laughing at me, I know this will sound crazy- Bisquick shortbreads. They have the buttery sugary taste of a shortbread and the texture of a biscuit, best things ever and definitely not even close to Points friendly. The strawberries will macerate in aged balsamic that is a little thicker and syrup-like and, of course, hand-whipped cream.

For dinner I took a pork butt out of the freezer and I am using my "injector" marinade for the first time to inject adobo sauce hopefully making a spicy flavor of Mexico pork dish. But with the crazy heat, it is smoker city tomorrow, no oven for me.

Have to get the pups out for their walk in the early morning tomorrow; don't think we will have time today; a shame really...look at this morning's view from Lake Whitehouse!

Have a healthy, happy, and safe day.

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