Friday, July 13, 2012


I probably should be out walking instead of enjoying this fabulous first latte of the day! The sky is just beginning to light up; it is early and both Chunky Pup and Small Pup are still sleeping, as is my husband who is heading north later today for a couple of days at the hunting camp. I am pathetic when he is gone, the pups and I mope about.

I have decided that this time when he is gone I will not eat because I miss him, I will not mope about, and, most importantly I WILL channel all those emotions into walking. So I should have a gazillion activity points by Sunday afternoon when he gets home.

I will be occupied for a while this evening because the organization's Annual Gala is tonight and I will be helping for a little bit. My colleague, Jess, has outdone herself and it will be a fun event for those attending.

It may still be light enough when I arrive home to take the pups for a quick walk...and then a glass of wine, it is after all Friday.

Have a happy, healthy, and safe day!

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