Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too hot to eat

Who'd a thought those words would ever come out of my mouth! The smell of corn on the cob cooking last night made me nauseous; I could not even cut up Chunky Pup's burger, the smell made my stomach flip and I love my husband's burgers.

If it stays this warm, I'll be a toothpick by August 1st. I have never experienced this. I don't do well in the heat as it is and this has been extreme heat. Chunk and I have not even been walking at night because I am sure if I don't drop from the heat she will.

If you take a look at Chunk, you will notice that while I have lost 35lbs she has lost nothing, except maybe a little more self-esteem. Of course, here is the difference: I no longer allow Army to feed me; but, since Chunk is a slave to food, she is a captive audience!

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