Monday, July 16, 2012

Now I'm Inspired...

So the inspiration came too late but it was in the process of standing in the grocery store looking for something quick last night that it came to me. So I am set for next week!

I did a Semi-Homemade last night and while I said that to my husband it hit me. Last night was about what I could do quick with a little help from the grocery store a la Sandra Lee so Food TV chefs popped into my head, and who is my favorite? Bobby Flay. Let's face it he's the complete package: came up through the business from a dishwasher and moved up, toured the land of my people to inform the world that the Irish can cook, and he's married to an incredibly accomplished and talented woman. Okay, so he went to the French Culinary and no the CIA, but that is not a terminal flaw. So next Sunday will be full of Flay-vor.

Last night I did take some help from the grocery store in the form of pizza dough and wa-la:

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