Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I did the math

Okay, so I spent a little time thinking about yesterday's post last night. In the days of old with a little bad behavior here and there I probably could have lost 5.7lbs in 12 days. But this journey is about change, about doing this the right way to get to the smallest number possible on the clothing tag. I will commit to getting as many extra activity points as I can, but honestly I cannot cut my point intake anymore than it is, not safely and I don't want to go there anymore.

Amazing I can have this clarity AFTER having stepped on the scale and being stuck again...God I hate Wednesdays. And this week is crazier than most: I have a grant to get out, Development Committee (of the Board), Annual Meeting, Members' Reception (both on Thursday). Thankfully, I only have to help with the check in for the Gala on Friday night, which is the same day as the development meeting. Argh, and the higher you go up the ladder the longer this week (Board Meetings) becomes; I would think that would be true regardless of where the job is, it is more about the level of responsibility and I continue to position myself to take on more and more. With my goals I wonder sometimes what level of crazy I am!

Have a happy, healthy, and safe day!

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