Friday, July 27, 2012

What I learned last week

I was very sad last week. Too sad to even post one day. But I learned something very powerful about my new self and my new approach to life with food as my friend, not my enemy.

I cried my way through the grief and through the pain that losing someone who at one point in life meant a great deal me caused. I smiled through the tears that happy memories bring when loss is still so fresh. I am by no means done grieving, but I am not raw with emotion. My point?

I worked through the emotions, I did not eat through my emotions. And yes, it hurt. And yes, it made me feel vulnerable. And yes, there were moments when sadness was overwhelming. And I felt every moment. I did not soothe the pain with food, I did not distract myself with food. I felt.

I am not sure when the last time was that was a true statement. I felt.

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