Monday, July 9, 2012

Dinner was great, but not quite as planned

First things first...that little half pound gain must have been a false positive (negative?) because I now only have a 7/10's of a pound until the 35lb down mark...yeah me! So now officially 15.7lbs left. It will have been about 26 years (right after Andrew, my youngest, was born)since I weighed so little, well not little; I'm sure the flippin' BMI charts would be content if I dropped another ten after that. We'll see- clearly anything is possible.

Onto dinner, as you can see below, I did the smoked pork roast...soooooo good! And I did the crostini (olive bread from the bread guy at The Farmer's Market) with carmelized onions, figs, and cheese, but changed it up from the original plan of goat cheese to Gorgonzola. Dessert was the biggest change; I love the astringency of balsamic vinegar with chocolate. Instead of buttery and sweet shortbreads, I made deep, dark, slightly bitter chocolate brownies. Still kept the hand whipped cream, added a little sea salt to finish and poof fabulousness!

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