Sunday, May 6, 2012

Going to India today

Yesterday I was tossing up where to go...definitely India.  Do you want to know what sealed the deal?  Remember the whole Farmer's Market 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month?  That is until May and then it apparently it is closed until the Saturday before Mother's Day when it is then open for the season every Saturday.  Plan B.  Cooperstown Natural Foods first stop.  I would include their website link, but it is currently under construction.  Needless to say you can find all kinds of products, from fresh produce to wonderful treasures, like dried lemongrass...and since I have not been able to find that fresh, you know I am doing Thai or Asian sometime soon.  I may even do some brown rice pearls infused with lemon grass during the week...that would definitely be WW Points Plus friendly.  They also had Ruby Red Sweet Potatoes.  That did it, definitely Indian food.  Check out for more about Ruby Reds.  I like to use them in Madhur Jaffrey's Mixed Vegetables in a Mustard Cumin Sauce instead of regular potatoes or even standard orange sweet potatoes.  Great flavor, I think more moisture, beautiful color- its a win win.

Another of my favorites is the Baked Lamb Shami Kebabs  also from the queen of Indian food herself.  I have some ground goat meat from the last Farmer's Market that I had in the freezer so I picked up some ground pork at Price Chopper and I have black poppy seeds, not white but it will still work.  I picked up fresh mint and Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt (who doesn't love that), check out their recipes for yummy stuff as well.  Finally, at Price Chopper one of my favorite things in the world and about the only thing I miss about Atlanta other than my friend Brandy, Indian Naan bread.  Price Chopper carries Stonefire ( and I love it because it is just as good after you freeze and heat it up on a flat griddle as it it is right out of the package heated up.

Finally, another nod to Jaffrey, I will round this menu out with a little Yoghurt with Cucumber and Mint (European cucumbers, less work-no seeds to speak of- and less fluid).  I'll take pics and post in the morning!

Be healthy, happy, and safe today!

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