Saturday, May 12, 2012


I'm still the one-armed typer; however I am beginning to feel the constant ache that is in the top of my arm and I have some mobility but it is still reminiscent of dragging my arm through mud.  And I don't have the finger control to hold things-yet.  I can bend them, stiff though they are and swollen.  So today's plans for tomorrow are tentative at best!

The Cooperstown Farmer's Market should be in full swing this week.  I hope...I cannot imagine I've messed that up again.  Sundays Off this week I have decided will be in honor of the women in my life, here or not who have influeced me through their love, lessons, and cooking.  It may not be their actual recipes, but a nod to them and to memories.  Really all we ever have of any lasting value.

I am weighing myself tomorrow, I did not want to kick the scale around to set it in the same place I weigh myself every time.  It might make more sense to go to Sundays and Thursdays instead of Saturday and Wednesdays.  Technically Sunday is the first day of the week.  I think I'll do that, starting tomorrow.

I had a BIG leafy salad last night with goat chese and avocado.  M two favorie foods in the world, and while avocados are incredibly high in fat they are also incredibly high in good fat.  I could have hugged Dr. Oz when I heard he endorses the eating of them and he endorses Weight Watchers...the guy's brilliant.

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