Monday, May 21, 2012

Down over 25...heading to 30!

There is a reason I don't weigh myself on Monday...argh.  Dessert was a killer last night!  I loved grilled pineapple and as I have mentioned now at least 500 times, I love my homemade ricotta.  It was wonderful with honey, orange zest, and a little vanilla...the real deal.  Never,  never, never use imitation vanilla.  It's gross.  This stuff is the real deal; my sister-in-law Marcella brought it back from a trip to Mexico.  It is full of flavor and the aroma when you just crack the top is unbelievable. 

I digress, I began the way I did because I realized that while I weighed myself yesterday like I am supposed to, I forgot to post it.  I lost the half I gained and another .8 to bring my total so far to 25.5 lbs. down.  But I don't weigh myself today.  I know, intellectually, that any weight gain over a day would not be an accurate assessment because your body can no more lose a substantial amount of weight overnight than gain it.  But even if it was water retention, which I do experience after drinking wine, (and I did) it does freak me out, I'm not gonna lie.  So today I start anew and I think I may even start planning my down 30lbs. gift to myself.

I may also begin planning next Sunday.  I'm thinking I may like to try something Jamacian, yet I know very little about Jamacian food.  I have never really explored that cuisine and it might be a fun new adventure.  I would put money on having to special order some items, so I better plan ahead!

Pictures, as promised:

The drink was passion fruit juice, splash of white wine, topped with plain seltzer for a little fizz.

The purple pansies are hard to see, both on the salad and chicken, but they are there and the vinegarette on the salad mirrored the flavors in the marinade and was stellar.  The chewiness of the farro against the crunch of the scallions and the pop or the tomatoes was texture heaven.  So good!

Have a happy, healthy, and safe day!

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