Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weigh In Day!

Drum roll please, I told you that I would let you know on weigh in here goes, down another 1/2lb.  I know, I know that sounds like nothing (get a Weight Watchers scale that weighs fractionally cause any change is better than no change!), but 2 lbs a week is what the "they" tell us is healthy for long term loss.  That's what I am going for.  Also, for you people out there who are Points Plus People, you will understand that without activity, little happens.  Sunday was the last day I was out walking, I don't like walking in disagreeable weather and that does not even begin to describe the weather in Central NY over the last few days.

As I contemplate what to where for a meeting I have today, I was in my closet looking for something, anything to wear.  I know I am not the only 3- size closet out there, and after reading a Weight Watchers Online article that I cannot link because you have to pay the online fee to participate in WW (good investment, make it) and this article posted on WebMd in 2010  I know I am not the only one.  I think my all time favorite misconception on size is that yes, Marilyn Monroe did wear size 12 (feel better now don't you?), however we have vanity-sized our way to distortion...I think today she would be like a size 2 or 4.  Something to think about.

Don't favorite easy way to cut calories and be happy?  Fat free plain Chobani yogurt and skim milk lattes!  Give them a try. 

Last night's tilapia was yummy, little points-lots of food.  Chicken tonight, not sure what I am doing with it, I will probably hit WW recipes and come up with something good.

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