Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bacon, again

So I heard the news yesterday that the price of bacon is expected to rise in drastically in price...the story lead was not the price of pork loin was expected to rise drastically- which it will, any corn or grain fed meat because of the drought will go up in price. Bacon.

We are a nation chock full of obese people. We have even managed to make our kids fat...and not just fat, but obese! And so the price of bacon is what headlines?!

I am more concerned with the price of lean pork loin not only because other than venison, it is probably the meat I eat the most, but because it is not full of fat. When will people finally get the message? When do we stop killing ourselves and our families?

I know it is about moderation and balance, but really, I have ranted on this before- in whose world is bacon an okay option? Bacon does not make everything better...learn the basics of cooking, learn how to create layers of flavor without using heart-stopping bacon fat. Argh.

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