Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well it only took a month of Sundays (literally since I only weigh myself on Sunday), I have finally broke the 40lb mark! Down 40.7, I know I know, not a lot, but I finally broke it. A little motivation to keep going.

But, alas, it is Sunday AND the last day of the 34th Harvest Festival and I can already hear the roasted corn calling my name...and Bob O'Rourke's chocolate chip cookies, of which I get to eat one on about 2 hours when I have to go bag more because our Membership campaign yesterday was so successful I went through 6 dozen.

And since I don't have the day to cook anything yummy, I am picking up my favorite thing for dinner on my way home--pizza from NY Pizzeria in Cooperstown. It is the closest I have had in all my year's up here to the pizza I grew up on in Brooklyn. And then bed and back it again tomorrow.

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