Monday, October 1, 2012

Didn't cook yesterday!

I had dinner plans for last night because today is my birthday and my husband knew that it had to be last night or never. Not that he minded. For those of you who do not life in NY or do but don't hunt...bow season opened this morning; and, if that is not enough, it is also the first day of fall turkey season. I am now a widow for the next three months.

Now that is not necessarily a bad thing because that is how I live on venison and wild turkey throughout the year. I have given up on the notion of Thanksgiving...I am off to Long Island this year to spend it with my son. And, I have decided to buy a prelit, slimline, artificial tree this year (house is small and when to get the tree is always a fight).

Best news today is that I am beginning my 47th year healthier and smaller than I have been in 26 years! My scale loved me yesterday; I am now down 43.8 lbs, leaving only 11.2 lbs to go.

I have so much left to still do and everyday lived is one less left to live and I am afraid I already tipped the scales in the opposite direction. Enjoy!

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