Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Wow...between work, my residency for school, and homework, I have not had time to breath, let alone cook, eat, or blog.

I did manage to hold my own with my weight during the residency...and I'm not gonna lie, one of my fellow students and myself snuck in a couple of pints of of Sam Adams Octoberfest.

I was impressed by the breakfast and lunch options on the buffet at The Desmond in Albany. I had enough fruit to available to me to be able to stick to my new lifestyle. And...they had oatmeal, the real thing and plain with all the "stuff" that morphs a good for you food into poison in the side!

Great greens for lunch, lots of fresh veggies and plain, flaked tuna. Dinners were a little scarier, but I stuck to mixed greens and left all else alone.

I have decided that I cannot keep up the quantity of posts now that I am back in grad school. I will post every Sunday, with recipes and photos and a couple of times through the week as I am able.

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