Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Civic Duty

I have had the opportunity to sit through the jury selection process these last couple of days and have been sworn in. I cannot talk about the case and ultimately the topic is irrelevant to my point.

At first I was very skeptical and apprehensive. No short order asking to evaluate testimony and render a verdict; but, it is so much easier to do that than to do the job of the men and women who have fought and still fight to make sure every American has the right to this process. Not so lucky in many other places.

So the next time you are called to jury duty, instead of figuring out ways to get out of it, embrace the process and be thankful there are people out there defending your right to do it.

By the way, scale has not moved and if jury duty stress cannot drive me to eat, I may have to consider that I have finally found other coping mechanisms!

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