Friday, May 9, 2014

Whole, real food

I jumped on the fat free bandwagon years ago; jumped on the butter is bad for you wagon for a while; did a stint on the vegetarian express, and most recently attempted gluten free.  Let's be real, unless you absolutely have to, who wants to live without pasta, bagels, and good bread?  All of those extremes did encourage temporary weight loss.  But the most successful I have ever been has been with real foods, portion control, and exercise.  I lost 50 lbs. a couple of years ago, again.  With the stress of some personal issues this past fall and through the end of January, I regained 15 of the 50.  

Summer is coming and the bounty of #thecooperstownfarmersmarket, I feel comfortable that I am back on track.  Last night I sliced some thick chops from a pork loin because I was running a time deficit and knew roasting the loin whole would put dinner on the table at 8PM, instead of 7:30PM. I had some spinch and parsnips from Heller's Farm.  I boiled the parsnips drained them and put them back on the burner to dry them out a touch and puréed them with a very little bit of butter and organic heavy cream (very little, a teaspoon of butter, a tablespoon of heavy cream.)  I sautéed the spinach in some organic olive oil that I heated with garlic cloves to flavor the oil and pan seared the chops to get some color on them.  I finished them in the oven, pulled them out and deglazed the pan with the Merlot I was drinking, reduced and voila, a pan sauce!

Real food, exercise, and portion control.   Chunky pup has been put on a new eating plan as well and she has lost three pounds since the end of January, five pounds in a about a year.  She has at least ten more to go so she and I and Small pup (Zeus), our acting supervisor are off for our two mile walk!

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