Friday, June 22, 2012

Potential landmine

The dreaded business lunch...hosted at the home of a very important donor.  This will take some strategic thought and planning--thankfully I execute both well.  I am being incredibly careful with points, using only free this morning (except for the lattes, or I will be useless) and depending on lunch, dinner may just be a huge free point salad.  Play it by ear.

Some when I arrived home yesterday, I stuck a small chicken in the smoker.  I've never done that before.  I had put wood chips to soak yesterday in Southern Comfort, coffee, and some hot water and let it go.  I rubbed a little salt and pepper on the chicken and tossed it in.  Some of the ingredients from the soaking mixture went into the drip pan to steam back up when fat hit the pan.  WOW- granted it was 8:00 before I had a salad with smoked chicken for dinner, but it was fabulous.  I have to clean the smoker this weekend, there was not time last night, and it was too hot; hence the reason I smoked the chicken instead of cooking it in house or grilling it and having to stand over that heat.

I have not planned Sundays Off dinner may be out for dinner Sunday after this week.  We'll see.

Stay healthy, happy, and safe.

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