Sunday, June 17, 2012

Theory proven

Well, it's true, I cannot lose weight the first part of the week;  as I said Wednesday, I was stuck for the second week in a row on Hump Day, but lo and behold, this morning down another 1.2lbs for a total of 29.2...8/10th of a pound from the next small goal

I am sticking to the Kabobs for today- chicken I decided.  I have the hummus made, the dough rising for the pita bread and I am cooling quinoa.  I know, traditional tabbouleh calls for cracked wheat.  I decided there is enough gluten in today's meal with the pita and the dessert as it is and I am swapping nut flour for some of the regular flour in the cake. has become one of my favorite idea sights.  I don't often use their recipes, I have had problems with some of them in the past, but it is a great jumping off place if you are trying to think outside the box.  Foods of the World is also a great sight if you are looking for adventure in food.  I think the best thing I have learned through the years cooking and baking is to learn the technique, the products themselves are often interchangeable--lamb, chicken, beef, pork, seafood; understand what herbs and spices go with which as well as cooking time and your kabobs can be anything.  The cake I am making is a nutmeg cake, that is the primary flavor, mace would work wonderfully as well, for traditionalist, cinnamon would probably be fine, although I would add some orange zest to boost the flavor.

Learn about food, Italian is easy because so much is regional.  If you are preparing food from that region, pull wine in from the same region.  The Amalfi Coast is a seafood driven area, you won't find a lot of beef recipes, Limoncello most likely, but not meat.  Playing with food makes living within limitations of what food is intended for-nourishing your body-a lot more fun and a lot more bearable.  Food & Wine magazine has been an inspiration for as long as I can remember, as has the Pro Chef book.

Look around, play around, let food be fun.  I will post pics tomorrow!

Have a healthy, happy, and safe day.  Happy Father's Day to all of you who are.

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