Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hating hump day!

Probably I am the only person you will ever encounter (whose normal schedule is M-F) who hates Wednesday.  A blight on Wednesday, I say.  Ever since I started weighing myself Sunday and Wednesday, the number is stuck to the same as it was on Sunday.  I guess I can only loose weight the second half of the week.

Piccole Polpetta nel Brodo was wonderful last night.  Just enough to take the damp, chill air and chase it away.  I love veal meatballs because they are light as air and almost fluffy.  Of course, using soaked bread instead of bread crumbs also helps keep them from being dense and heavy.  I think I will do fish tonight.  I have mustard greens from the Farmer's Market and I have some haddock in the fridge and graffiti eggplant, kalamata olives and tomatoes, fresh basil and parsley...hmmm.  Maybe a pseudo Caponata?  I don't know, but with all those fresh ingredients, who needs fats and starches?

Not fact I am taking all of my unopened WW and Special K snacks to the office today for whomever cares for them. I think it is easier in the summertime, at least in the Northeast, because there is so much fresh, locally grown produce available and even meat from local farmers, such a better way to eat. Who knows how I will handle the winter - I love the comfort food category- and holiday parties, etc but if I can continue to build the good habits and keep non-fruit starches, refined sugars, high fat, bad oils, and too much high fat meat out of my diet long enough, I won't be tempted.  I'm telling you, living this way gets easier and easier...I just hate the midweek stuck.

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