Monday, June 4, 2012

Food hangover...again

I don't know, maybe the gluten isn't worth feeling this way.  I may have to re-evaluate Sundays Off and turn to the dark side of dairy instead of carbohydrates.  Things like cream sauces or whipped cream, creme angliase, and meringues, ice cream and the like.  I'm just not sure gluten one day a week is worth it.

That said...dinner was yummy.  I love muffalettas and the roasted red peppers, Italian meat, roasted hot fingerling peppers and pesto.  I went that way instead of tapanade and caramelized onions.  And dessert?  Well, how do you beat Italian pastries?  You don't.

But, I am back at it, it's Monday.  Tonight I think a tomato and onion salad with the beautiful yellow and red tomatoes from the Farmer's Market and vinegar that I also picked up there with some roasted salmon and pesto.  That sounds good.

I succeeded in losing weight and not gaining on my vacation.  I am now down a total of 27lbs; I think the 4 hour walk looking for Chunky Pup Thursday night was a real calorie burner; if not actually a fun event, it was an effective one.  And I am back to work, back in a routine so it will be easier since my day is structured once again.  I am only 3lbs away from my next landmark and only 13 away from my original goal.  I don't want to say it has been easy, but it has not been horrible so I may tack another 10 on and head toward 50lbs instead of 40, I'll have to think about it.

Looking forward to going into my office this morning.  I actually really like and respect the group of women I work with and miss them when I am not there.  I did follow Christine's orders, I did not call and I did not work...I did check my emails and did some little stuff but I did not go into my office and I did not do anything major so in my mind I'm good.  I know what I left behind so I know I have a pile of work to go into and with the Member Reception on Friday, the week will go by in a snap...the 3lbs will whisk away!

Have a healthy, happy, and safe day.

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