Saturday, June 9, 2012

Morning on the water...

I don't actually get to fish because I don't have a fishing license, but it is fun to sit on the boat, look in the water, and enjoy the extra fresh air.  We don't go for the whole day because with Multiple Sclerosis I cannot be out in extreme heat for long lengths of time.  We book early morning and we are back in by late morning, which is nice given everything else I have to do today.

I hosted a Members' Reception last night at the Fenimore Art Museum for our regular members...have I mentioned, (only a million times probably) that I work with the best group of women?  My boss is a pretty good guy so I guess overall I work with a great group.  Everyone hung out, stayed late, interacted with the members and L.M. Townsend Catering as always did a fabulous job.  I am sure Lucy does not know how to make bad food!  Everything is always yummy.  And even I, on a Points Plus day, was able to eat.

Tons of fresh veggies, the best strawberries I have had yet this season and a salsa that made my taste buds dance!  There was all kinds of other stuff too, but I was testing myself.  I have to do a few of these a year, plus my husband has a Christmas party for his business, we have parties to go to from early December through New Year's so I was testing the waters...and I passed!

Have a happy, healthy, and safe day...weigh-in day tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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