Monday, June 18, 2012

I checked

Many of you have literally heard me say not to weigh yourself everyday, it can mess with your mind too much. I did it this morning, I had to make sure I was not hallucinating yesterday. I wasn't! My goal this week is to change the outcome of my established theory on Mon-Wed weight loss stall.

I forgot to take pictures last night, Buggy came up and I got distracted. I have to say the Syrian Houmus (interesting spelling) was great and with only 1 tablespoon olive oil, pretty low and it's good fat. It does have a whole lemon in it, not just juice- a whole lemon! Thank God for my Robo-coup. I have plenty of left over "tabbouleh " that I can eat since it's sans glutton.

Hot week ahead, I pulled a whole chicken out of the freezer to put in the smoker whatever day it's defrosted. A little something different from grilling and the house doesn't heat up!

Have a healthy, happy, and safe day

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