Saturday, June 16, 2012

And all it took was five minutes!

Okay, I lied. I still have no idea what I am cooking tomorrow; although I am intrigued by a recipe I found for Syrian Poundcake. Can I build a meal around dessert? We'll see. I think I could make some taboleah, hummus, homemade pita, and maybe lamb kabobs (thanks Jess, now kabobs are stuck in my head and have become a personal growth experience)to round out the meal. I actually have most everything I need. Which is good because I refuse to fight the headache of parking downtown this morning with all the parking that is blocked because of the parade. I actually just planned an entire meal while sitting here! That took all of five plan, production will take half the day. But a fun day, and Army said he'll eat anything-beets are an issue, but that is a story for another day-, good thing I don't have a mean streak. Have a happy, healthy, safe day!

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