Friday, June 15, 2012

Mexican? Smoked? I don't know

Somehow, I have made it to Friday.  It might rank up there with all time miracles, but I'm not sure.  I have not even thought about Sundays Off this week; not to any serious degree at any rate.  I have no idea what I am looking for at the Farmer's Market tomorrow, nor at the grocery store.

I am playing with the idea of Mexican; I do have those great dried peppers I purchased at Penzey's a couple of weeks ago.  On the other hand, I do have the smoker and we have not smoked anything in weeks.  That's fun, and easy- marinate meat, dry, rub with spices, load smoker with chips, place meat on rack, turn to temp and time and walk away.  With as tired as I am after this week, that option is looking better and better.

Argh, graduation party of a friend's daughter to go to tomorrow night- interpret as mosquito feeding frenzy on Corrine's legs.  I will have to veggie load ahead of time, because I am relatively sure that every evil food in the world will be sitting there calling my name, not to mention the alcohol availability for the adults.  Why are social gatherings food disasters in this country? I have a wedding later this month and that will be just as bad...cake and all. least it is not bacon sundaes.  I am still mentally recovering from that.

I think I will cop out with a big salad tonight with avocado and feta cheese.  Army is making burgers for himself, and, yes the pups.  Maybe I can squeeze in a walk tonight, some activity points might make me feel better...and something has got to help my back, which is not only distracting but painful.

I will decide about Sundays Off dinner and post tomorrow, in the meantime to all my fellow WW Points Plus people, stay positive and on track.  I know how hard it is, especially when the number does not move...Sunday will be interesting!

Be happy, healthy, and safe.

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